Investor decks are common at Presentation Partners. However investor opportunities come in all different shapes and sizes. Some opportunities are on the ground floor while this opportunity was with a firm that was already established as a member of the Forbes Platinum 400. Our goal was to replace an existing deck cluttered with too much information that left the prospective investor puzzled about the brands of Jarden. The result was a clean blend of brands and financials similar to PPM. Investor decks take more than a sense of graphics.  As we always say, you must first know your audience. In this case which “investor” audience are you spreading your opportunity with.

Investor decks tend by nature to be a little more plain in terms of messaging, because the message must be straight forward and clear, otherwise the investor will walk away if thinking if they cannot deliver a clear message to me as a potential investor, then how will they ever hit their target market and other constituent groups necessary to run and grow a business? This is why you need to come to the experts at Presentation Partners, where we borrow the phrase “Good Better, Best”