Investors to the tech world are usually familiar with investments in this sector. They are aware of general pitfalls and potential upswings. However getting your tech idea across succinctly could be the most important aspect. In other words if you babble your explanation of your business, the investor confidence in your ability as a business leader will drop. Enter Presentation Partners. In just two to three slides we should be able to visually augment the concept of your business. If you take a look at the above slide in the middle you will see that this business is focused on the convergence of the gift card world with the online world, and the two slides that flank the middle, quickly reflect the visuals that support value chain, and the technological retail chain. It is imperative that the visuals paint a strong picture that the investor audience can actually understand quickly so they can return their focus to you, the presenter and begin asking questions that will allow their calculator type brains to foster up their desired ROI.