It seems that most presentations these days have never heard of the term white space. Presenters throw screens up in front of audiences that are choked full of text, bullets and sub-standard graphics. And worse, they expect great results from the presentation. Somewhere in the world of presentations it became clever to try to limit the number of PowerPoint slides in presentations. This was probably directed in effort from too many senior executives who saw too many long ineffective presentations. However slide count has nothing to do with the length of delivery. A good presenter can deliver a 30 slide presentation in 12 minutes.

What’s the content on the slides of a higher count PowerPoint slide deck? More white space, less words. Less words not only creates a visual Feng Shui, and is easy on the eyes of the audience, but it also stops the audience from spending their time reading. It positions them to actually listen and connect with the presenter. All achieved from more white space on every slide.