Another form of an investor deck is presenting a company for sale, debt restructuring or investment. For a recent customer our goal was to create a deck that positioned the company for sale.  This type of presentation is somewhat of a hybrid between an investor pitch deck and a business development deck.

The audience has to be wooed emotionally into the market, convinced of the validity of the value proposition and be able to determine that the market for the products are in high global demand.  The  risks are minimal and the return is significant.

You will notice that each slide for this particular customer hosts very little content, this allows the presenter to speak their knowledge and the audience to quickly garner the visual combined with verbal.  Furthermore if the recipient is reading the deck without a presenter, the minimal copy per page allows the reader to flip through the pages quickly and easily, as if reading a series of magazine advertisements.  This develops a pace within the sub-conscience that is quick but relaxed. Further enhancing the recipients desire to continue to read on digesting the ever important material.