Today the capability of webinar platforms is increasing the chance for sales people to connect with prospects that they might not have connected with before. Sales budgets can restrict sales [people from traveling for face to face meetings, although that is the preferred method of high return selling that option in today’s business economy is not always available.  Webinars are increasing in popularity. There are specific companies out there such as Rally Point Webinars that can help a company get webinar ready to connect with potential prospects.

Meanwhile maybe you are using webinar platforms such as Cisco’s WebEx or Go To Meeting, but you have decided to use your company’s existing business development deck. What’s wrong with that?  Does your existing deck hold the live face to face audience with engaging visuals and compelling messages? If not the webinar audience will suffer even more. think about the distractions of a webinar audience; smart phones, tablets, dual monitors, people walking in their office, or no one will notice if I excuse myself down the hall to the bathroom for just a quick minute. The pace of your webinar slides is important to keep the visuals moving and create a sense of pace that sends a subtle message to the audience that this is not your momma’s PowerPoint. In order to create pace, you have to formulate a story and swiftly advance through that story.

There are many elements that differ for webinar presentations from regular face to face presentations, but none larger than a brisk pace.

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