In today’s business world it is becoming common for a prospective party to request a presentation be sent via PowerPoint for review.  If there is any way to send an alternative, shorter document we would suggest not sending a full presentation and holding out for a live face to face or webinar presentation at a later date.

However sometimes an e-mail presentation is unavoidable.  In this case the copy on the slides must provide enough information so that the reader has a clear and full grasp of the pitch.  What it cannot be is a group of random facts or an extended list of solutions and benefits.  You need to craft a story from start to finish so the audience will be compelled to read it from beginning to end. The visuals need to be simple and not distracting so the readers eyes are not constantly pulled away from the story that you have created.

Keep the story presentation to 15 slides or less and let the prospect know up front that your pitch can be easily ready in under 10 minutes. If they can’t read it all in that time frame. Rewrite your story to be more concise.