The Neuroscience of Persuasion® Whitepaper

Our blog is undergoing quite a change as we have given our brand and website a refresh and promise to deliver content that is meaningful and fits the mission of our special audience. We will reinitiate this blog with our recent white paper “The Neuroscience of Persuasion®.” . This paper is an informative guide explaining how persuasion works best in the world of business presentations. And even better we provide a guide on how to structure a framework for your presentation.


How many words are in your presentation?

In our humble opinion, this is an example of a perfect face-to-face presentation. In every slide the audience members can read the entire slide in less than 5 seconds. This means that at least your presentation is not a source of distraction to your audience. This means that your audience ...
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Emotional Stories

Read the first three slides of this PowerPoint presentation. You can almost feel the presenter speaking the story. Defining the situation, the problem and you want more. The use of stories (neuroscience) evokes emotions in us. Emotions trigger dopamine in our brains, a physiological reaction that creates ‘stickiness.’ In no ...
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Presentation Themes

While this deck is a dedicated print or email copy deck consisting of higher word volume per page what pulls it all together is the theme. The company is not part of the auto industry, but their message is tied together by the theme of putting things in forward motion ...
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Science in storytelling

Everybody has a story to tell, even investment specialist who invest in banks. Just because an industry is high in numerology or technology doesn’t imply that information has to be presented on a chart or spreadsheet. We all have a neurological cliff of attention. Building a story creates emotion and ...
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Raise Capital With A Great Presentation

You have an idea but you need capital to grow your business. It doesn’t matter if you are on the ground floor or looking for a Series C re-capitalization, your best effort will be served with a presentation. Investors are pummeled with the best opportunities and honestly after awhile, they ...
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Presenting To Large Enterprise

Your excited. You have just been given a meeting opportunity the largest player. You have always hoped for this chance. Now it’s time to present. Yikes! If you don’t have time to build the presentation that you want and you need a crash course. Do this. Write or sketch your ...
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From Complex To Simplicity

Okay, so you’re not selling fruit at a fruit stand. Your business is complex, different verticals, in different markets, with different services, and different partners, all governed by complex regulations. You have heard the expression that a picture is worth a thousand words. Your complex business needs to be broken ...
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E-Brochures And Your Audience

Like any piece of collateral, knowing your audience is key. Building a message tailored to that audience with consistency of brand found elsewhere in the organization is key to maintain a professional appeal and connection to your audience. Without paying attention to who your audience is and what they are ...
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Numbers That Work In A Presentation

Raise your hand if you have been in the audience of a presentation where the presenter used an Excel spreadsheet or spreadsheet converted into a magnanimous chart? For me when I see that I cringe. Too many numbers, the numbers are too small to actually read and the presenter actually ...
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Always Tell A Story

We learn and retain from stories. Think back to your education and try to discern what you learned from what you memorized. Chances are what you actually learned had the basis of a story around it. What you memorized got you through an exam. So when was the battle of ...
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