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Presentation Partners is a full-service presentation agency, bringing a full complement of master strategists, writers and designers to help you exceed your goals. Just as chefs know the best meals start with the highest quality ingredients, the success of an agency has everything to do with the highest quality talent.

This is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get group. There's no hand-off to junior staff. We know that a tight team of senior people delivers exponentially better work than a building full of entry-level order processors. And we're here to deliver great work.


Seasoned, battle-tested and award winning, our leaders offer experience ranging from leading an IPO to closing multi-million dollar deals. Even if we gave you months to toss them a challenge they couldn't handle, you'd still come up empty.

Jon Newsome

  • Jon Newsome

    With nearly 30 years experience closing multi-million dollar deals, teaching Dale Carnegie and framing investment opportunities, Jon Newsome leads the charge at Presentation Partners. As a client, you’ll find he’s managed to effectively distill a lifetime of presentation learnings into espresso shots of wisdom. A former scratch golfer, he will sneak out the course year-round when no one is looking.

John McKnight

  • John McKnight

    With a distinguished career in broadcast journalism, John earned dozens awards for his work, including an Emmy Award for investigative journalism and several Emmy nominations for news writing, producing, reporting and documentaries. Whether reporting live from the footsteps of the capitol or the war-torn streets of the Gulf, John understands how to establish credibility and trust with an audience.

Timothy Crawford

  • Tim Crawford

    Mr. Crawford brings unique qualifications to companies seeking institutional investment capital. During his five-year tenure as the senior portfolio manager of a multimillion-dollar private equity firm, the company realized more than a 30% annualized return (TOF). He thoroughly understands what investment managers are looking for when investing in companies.

    Mr. Crawford was hired to restructure the assets of a $5+ billion publicly-traded private-equity firm (PSEC) which gave him further insights into what a private equity manager evaluates when making the decision to invest in a company seeking capital.

    He has over 30 years of operational, finance and Wall Street related experience, including raising more than $200 million of public and private capital (ADK, DHIL, CACB, Citrus Bank, Northern Star Bank, Bank of Godfrey, Southeast Commerce Bank), executing merger and acquisition transactions (CETG), taking multiple companies public on various stock exchanges (ADK, DHIL, CEGX) and holding various senior corporate management positions (KEY).


Covering the art of storytelling from all angles, this group of research-savvy communicators brings experience from broadcast news (Emmy in hand), glossy national magazines, PR and branding strategy, corporate communications… and even The Great American Novel. Telling intelligent stories from the heart is their strength and specialty.

Reid Davis

  • Reid Davis

    At heart, Reid Davis is a storyteller. Always looking for emotion in even the smallest narratives, Reid learned how to speak corporate and executive communications at Delta Air Lines. As a former magazine editor, he excels at keeping the audience in mind, making sure your stories are catchy, engaging and relevant. Finally, as a father of four girls, his home has a constant shortage of bathrooms.

Kathryn Westberg Ph.D.

  • Kathryn Westberg

    A highly trained business messaging expert with experience serving big name clients overseas, Kathryn Westberg specializes in pulling stories from seemingly unyielding arrays of bullet points. Armed with a Ph.D in Business Psychology, she employs a “less is more” mantra to help craft concise, persuasive presentations that are laser-focused on their audiences. As a mom of twin teens, Kathryn’s sense of humor is both a survival mechanism and a key element of her personality. As her most prized T-shirt says: “Embarrassing my children is just one of the many services I offer.”

Richard Doster

  • Richard Doster

    Richard Doster not only has 25 years experience helping build brands for companies like Ritz-Carlton, the Weather Channel and the Golf Channel, he’s also founding editor of a magazine and author of two novels, so the man knows the value of words. Richard cut his teeth on Madison Avenue so we call him our “Mad Man.”

Molly Eldred

  • Molly Eldred

    Molly is our seasoned scientific innovator, locked and loaded with degrees in Molecular Biology and Pharmacology with years of experience working alongside some of the biggest names in the research industry. But her skills don't stop there - as a business founder she's successfully navigated the fundraising landmines and understands the art of presenting those hard-to-grasp scientific concepts and complex business strategies in winning ways. She's our self-proclaimed "nerd" with a passion for all things science, literature, art, traveling and motorcycles (really).

Vadim Pokhlebkin

  • Vadim Pokhlebkin

    A Moscow, Russia, native, Vadim has a Bachelor’s in Business from Bryan College, where he first got introduced to the ideas of free markets. But it was observing the burst of the internet and real estate bubbles that showed him just how irrational investor behavior can get. Vadim’s specialty is translating financial market psychology and complex investment concepts into insightful and easy-to-grasp ideas useful for both private and institutional investors. His articles have appeared on Bloomberg, Minyanville and other financial platforms and websites. Vadim's best investment is time spent with his young daughter.

Mary Ann DeMuth

  • Mary Ann DeMuth

    Fascination with storytelling has driven Mary Ann DeMuth most of her life. She’s continually pursued stories that make an impact, whether translating benefits jargon clearly for Cox Enterprises employees or writing more than 75 annual reports for Fortune 500 companies. Her interest in crafting good stories also led her to teach writing to college students after working as a reporter and earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism. She’s the proud mom of two college graduates and spends her free time horseback riding, creating fiber art and writing nonfiction essays.

Julie Fries

  • Creative Director

    Julie Fries is our Lead Creative Director. Meaning comes from stories, but mood, tone and urgency are natural partners in communication and most effective using imagery. Julie brings 10 years of agency experience and 4 years managing at AT&T on direct mail and email campaigns covering 150 markets. She’s like Dr. Doolittle. She talks to colors, shapes and textures. And she swears they talk back.

Diane Aurand

  • Diane Aurand

    Diane Aurand a.k.a. the ‘font queen.’ Just who you want directing your on-slide copy. The former lead designer for a North American branch of an international skin care products company. Diane led design oriented retail and wholesale marketing efforts for 15 retail and 100+ wholesale locations. Work published in Marie Claire, Natural Health and Spa Magazine.

Marla Kaplan

  • Marla Kaplan

    A truckload of creative firepower in a compact package, Marla Kaplan brings 12 years of creative direction and a shelf full of awards to her role on our design team. Armed with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, she nabbed some awards, studied abroad, nabbed a few more awards and then joined forces with us. Today, her mission is putting her talents at your disposal, so your award can be your audience’s rapt attention.


They say managing creative professionals can be like herding cats. Fortunately our creative directors are like the Pied Piper of Hamlin — with a docile line of felicitous felines following closely behind them, all to seamlessly augment visual mood and tone to your winning story.


Our designers speak PowerPoint as if it were a second language. Seasoned veterans with tens of thousands of compelling slides to prove it, they channel every beat of deadline music and every ounce of super-caffeinated dark roast into crafting a visual mini-masterpiece that makes your story impossible to ignore.

Lisalynn Abercrombie

  • Lisalynn Abercrombie

    The longest name on staff and easily the only one with a brand name. Lisalynn Abercrombie is a unique blend of Puerto Rican, New Jersey, Kansas and California. That adds up to 22 years of incredible exposure and mind blowing creative. When the page is blank and there’s a deadline that’s when this Senior Designer kicks into high gear for us.

Jenni Mateo

  • Jenni Mateo

    Our most enthusiastic designer, or is it the coffee? But no ordinary designer. She comes with branding, marketing and web skillset after a 10 year marketing career graduating from Villanova University. She’s the architect behind our very own website. She enjoys long walks and traveling to cities across the U.S. on the weekends to attend web integration technology seminars.


THE NEUROSCIENCE OF PERSUASION® is an easy to read informative white paper that explains how persuasions work best in the world of business presentations. The basis is a biological framework that as presenters we either choose to ignore or capitalize on through the art of storytelling.

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Winner: 2017 Marcom Platinum Award Storytelling in a Presentation
Winner: 2016 Marcom Platinum Award for Narrative & Visuals, Live Stage Keynote
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Winner: 2016 Gold Hermes Create Awards, too few stories, PowerPoint
Winner: 2015 Marcom Gold Award for strategic sales PowerPoint presentation