Sales Collateral

Your next move for the sales prospect

“Send me something” isn’t a Brushoff, it’s a challenge…

your best prospects dread unexpected sales calls, and the fastest way to ditch one is a quick and indifferent, “Send me something.”

Reject the rejection.

When we send “something,” let’s send an unexpected perspective. A dose of refreshing creativity. Let’s turn indifference into insight. An insight your hardnosed prospect isn’t expecting. And then a call into a sale.
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THE NEUROSCIENCE OF PERSUASION® is an easy to read informative white paper that explains how persuasions work best in the world of business presentations. The basis is a biological framework that as presenters we either choose to ignore or capitalize on through the art of storytelling.

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Winner: 2016 Platinum Award for Narrative & Visuals, Live Stage Keynote
Winner: 2016 Platinum Hermes Creative Awards, whitepaper on storytelling
Winner: 2016 Gold Hermes Create Awards, too few stories, PowerPoint
Winner: 2015 Marcom Gold Award for strategic sales PowerPoint presentation