We’ve been
told our whole lives

not to judge a book by its cover.

Yet there’s a reason that we do. We judge in split seconds, because we have to in our lives. Our opportunities often hinge on how well that first impression draws the audience in. And then keeps them there, like the great novel that you can’t put down. Your presentation is trapped somewhere in-between great and putting zombies to sleep. More than likely, it’s the latter. We call this THE RESCUE. We’re here to help.

Coffee Cup Analysis #1

Can there be a slide with too much white space? Yes! Too much white space forces the presenter to fill the slide with fragmented bullets and clip art.

We replaced a two word title for an emotional quotient based lead-in statement to better engage the audience. We took away the silliness of the clip art and with 85% fewer words simplified the message for the audience. Now if the client wants to repurpose the message, the new visual restricts them to a reasonable amount of copy.

Coffee Cup Analysis #2

This diagram presents an immediate challenge. Does the audience have the willingness to exercise ’brain-work’ for discovery of concept? We needed more coffee, which led us to the great slide to the right…

The first move was to consider the audience and the topic, human resource opportunities. Thus a picture of a person seemed to align and transcend the topic to a more humanistic level. Next we added a statement about career opportunities to explain the end game of the newly constructed ‘easy on the eyes’ diagram.

Coffee Cup Analysis #3

This client is a web development company. They have creative imagination, but imagination on an individual slide and imagination on a web page are two very different challenges. Seeing and reading icons on a web page are fine. But in the middle of a compelling presentation, they kill the mood.

Ordinal service listings are fine. But for a creative web development firm we instituted the power of a bold theme in their custom master template where we use the same visual woman in four different exposures or positions. Doesn’t she just scream ‘eye catching design’?

Coffee Cup Analysis #4

Data presented in charts or tables can sometimes be challenging for the audience—even a technical audience—to interpret. In this case the presenter is making the audience work too hard to understand a reasonably simple concept.

Fortunately we were able to create a specific illustration that tied strongly to the electrical subject matter. This more easily revealed to the audience what they would fail to grasp with the previous version of this slide. This reversal of clarity—voltage sags are a problem--led to our client’s value proposition. You’ll notice upon close examination, the categories resemble a pie chart in the cross section of the electrical wire. (Clever eh?)

Coffee Cup Analysis #5

Even for a medical audience this slide sends them right back to medical school. Pictures, illustrations and a lot of words make your audience work harder than necessary. What happens to their engagement level when they decide not to work so hard to understand your slide?

Eliminate unnecessary or redundant words. Eliminate headers and connector lines. Simplify the head line statement. Build continuity by making every visual an illustration. Give the arrows a prominence to illustrate the ‘path’ concept without allowing those same arrows to overtake the illustration. Make it easy for your audience.

Coffee Cup Analysis #6

This slide was to be delivered to a large and live audience. Notice the heavy copy bullets and confusing, overly footnoted chart. You can almost feel the minds of the audience being overwhelmed.

The presenter was able to speak her knowledge on this slide and form a connection with a listening audience. Their minds were free to listen because of the simple, clear and memorable visual that only takes a few seconds to interpret. Whereas the previous slide would have forced the audience to spend time reading rather than listening.

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THE NEUROSCIENCE OF PERSUASION® is an easy to read informative white paper that explains how persuasions work best in the world of business presentations. The basis is a biological framework that as presenters we either choose to ignore or capitalize on through the art of storytelling.

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