I was thrilled to receive a recent client testimonial from a technology firm in the predictive analytics space. It went like this: “I am in love with this message. You guys are like psychotherapists with words. You basically can take everything we are saying and turn it into something that resonates with people and sells.” As a senior storyteller for Presentation Partners, very little lifts me higher than when others love my work.

So, what does a storyteller do exactly? Well, let’s say we receive a request from a client in technology or pharmaceuticals. Then we spend hours researching the industry specifics, dissecting the company from the bottom up, becoming an autodidact “expert” for their specific needs and putting ourselves into the mental persona of the target audience.

But if you are envisioning a storyteller in a nerdy science lab coat, hunched over a desktop surrounded by white walls, you’ve got it all wrong. Long gone are the days of sitting in an office surrounded by protocols and abstract wall art. These days, a storyteller just might spend her time basking in the sun on Malibu beach with toes nuzzled in the sand and a laptop perched up next to our fingertips. It’s like that spiffy corner office everyone fights over, but without the office drama and the nauseating fluorescent lights. The beach is just one place where I go to write compelling stories for our clients, find inspiration for my next painting, or practice my downward dog (yoga helps me focus).

All our storytellers have had unique careers that inform their writing. For me, after university training as a scientist, then entering the business world as a start-up founder and analyst, never did I imagine I’d have an opportunity to combine all of my passions into a creative writing space. With no disrespect, we’re far from being “copywriters.” Our goes beyond “copywriting” in both depth of understanding and creativity.

Maybe that’s why I prefer to write on the beach, staring off into a seemingly endless body of rhythmic waves while I dissect business complexities and craft compelling stories. I’ve dubbed myself the Malibu Ghost Writer, but technically I’m your senior scientific storyteller.

Molly Eldred, Senior Scientific Storyteller