Hi, I’m Marla, and I’m a “type” nerd. I love typography.

Ronald Arnholm

I studied graphic design under Ronald Arnholm, a typography legend, who invented the “Legacy” font family. It has nuances unlike any other font…. precise curves, well thought out thickness. It’s perfect.

My first job was in publication design, at Atlanta magazine. My boss got me hooked on “Futura” and “Sabon,” the most poetic marriage of a sans serif and a serif. I was only allowed to use these two font families, Futura and Sabon Regular (never Bold.) This was challenging at first—design a magazine using only two fonts?! However, over time I learned to love the figures and what they offered. Futura Bold when impact was needed or Futura Light when delicacy was intended.

And now, in regards to PowerPoint presentations, my typography challenges continue. I consider the lack of interoperability between my machine and yours a purely evil plan that forces a font-lover like me to regress to default fonts, like Calibri or, dare I say it, Arial. But I refuse to allow a computer system to control my typographic choices. Not when letter forms were originally drawn by hand!

-Marla Kaplan