Investor Relations Presentations

Managing communications for publicly-traded companies is challenging. Those responsible depend upon resources who understand the audience sector and offer discipline for creating message clarity.

Your stock value deserves better.

Copywriting and designing are admirable skills. But your communication document that moves the needle demands a deeper perspective.

Enter business acumen

And creative fire


Award-winning recognition

Though WE didn’t win the award, if you read below, you'll see why we are thrilled to have played a part.

I consider Presentation Partners to be an important member of Wright’s IR team and know that this accomplishment is due in no small part to your support and guidance over the last three years.
Julie Dewey
Sr. VP, Chief Communications Officer
Wright Medical Group N.V.
Wright Medical was awarded for the 3rd consecutive year: IR Magazine U.S., Grand Prix award for investor relations for a small cap company.


Meet the team that came off the bench.

In 2006 we got some funny looks when we said let's build a story.

Then in 2007, Steve Jobs dropped the iPhone, and the business world of storytelling changed. So did our clientele.

Creator of the Neuroscience of Persuasion framework, teaching persuasive storytelling to senior executives.

Want your investor relations meeting to be memorable?

A story lives.
A Powerpoint deck does not.

Go ahead. Call. Email. Skywrite.

But reach out; we love to help.

Our work has helped executives leaders on six of the seven continents. (We’re still holding out for Antarctica.)

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