In the third week of August Presentation Partners was hired along with Kann Advisory Group to teach the C-Suite and senior executives of Diamond Resorts International, a vacation Ownership company with nearly a quarter a billion in revenue with over 370 vacation destinations in the world. Check them out here.

Speaking for a full day on the topic of finding and developing your story to elevate brand, was Kraig Kann of Kann Advisory Group, More info at and the CEO of Presentation Partners, Jon Newsome. The leadership team at Diamond Resorts was a progressive group that was 100% ready for engagement and learning in this all-day session at Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club in Orlando Florida.  Karig Kann facilitated the event leading and teaching and in the words of their CEO “brilliantly involved and inspired our leaders.” Jon Newsome from Presentation Partners spoke to the group to delve into the world of emotional persuasion through storytelling and share his research and thirty years of executive business experience to challenge the leadership to build more memorable and clarity-based presentations.

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Here are some shots from the event