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Presentation Partners is a full-service presentation agency, bringing a full complement of master strategists, writers and designers to help you exceed your goals. Just as chefs know the best meals start with the highest quality ingredients, the success of an agency has everything to do with the highest quality talent.

This is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get group. There's no hand-off to junior staff. We know that a tight team of senior people delivers exponentially better work than a building full of entry-level order processors. And we're here to deliver great work.


Seasoned, battle-tested and award winning, our execs offer experience ranging from leading an IPO, closing multi-million dollar deals, advising a tech giant on IP issues to the apprehension of speaking live to hundreds of people. Even if we gave you months to toss them a challenge they couldn’t handle, you’d still come up empty.

  • Jon Newsome
    Jon Newsome
  • John McKnight
    John McKnight
  • Timothy Crawford
    Timothy Crawford
    Strategic Advisor
  • Sid Kamisetti, ESQ
    Sid Kamisetti, ESQ
    Strategic Advisor
  • Mark Triffon, M.D.
    Mark Triffon, M.D.
    Strategic Advisor


Covering the art of storytelling from all angles, this group of research-savvy communicators brings experience from broadcast news (Emmy in hand), glossy national magazines, PR and branding strategy, corporate communications… and even The Great American Novel. Telling intelligent stories from the heart is their strength and specialty.

  • Reid Davis
    Reid Davis
    Senoir Storyteller
  • Molly Eldred
    Molly Eldred
    Senior Science Storyteller
  • Vadim Pokhlebkin
    Vadim Pokhlebkin
    Senior Storyteller
  • Mary Ann DeMuth
    Mary Ann DeMuth
    Senior Storyteller


They say managing creative professionals can be like herding cats. Fortunately our creative directors are like the Pied Piper of Hamlin — with a docile line of felicitous felines following closely behind them, all to seamlessly augment visual mood and tone to your winning story.

Our designers speak PowerPoint as if it were a second language. Seasoned veterans with tens of thousands of compelling slides to prove it, they channel every beat of deadline music and every ounce of super-caffeinated dark roast into crafting a visual mini-masterpiece that makes your story impossible to ignore.

  • Julie Fries
    Julie Fries
    Creative Director
  • Marla Kaplan
    Marla Kaplan
    Creative Director
  • Lisalynn Abercrombie
    Lisalynn Abercrombie
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Jenni Mateo
    Jenni Mateo
    Graphic Designer


This small gang is the backbone of Presentation Partners. As a connecting link they ensure the efficient performance of all departments, as well as establish controls and procedures for receipts of all revenue and financial reporting.

  • Kathryn Westberg, Ph.D.
    Kathryn Westberg, Ph.D.
    Project Manager
  • Emerson Newsome
    Emerson Newsome
    Financial Controller

THE NEUROSCIENCE OF PERSUASION® is an easy-to-read informative white paper that explains how persuasions work best in the world of business presentations. The basis is a biological framework that as presenters, we either choose to ignore or can capitalize on through the art of storytelling.

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Winner: 2017 Marcom Platinum Award Storytelling in a Presentation
Winner: 2016 Marcom Platinum Award for Narrative & Visuals, Live Stage Keynote
Winner: 2016 Marcom Platinum Hermes Creative Awards, whitepaper on storytelling
Winner: 2016 Gold Hermes Create Awards, too few stories, PowerPoint
Winner: 2015 Marcom Gold Award for strategic sales PowerPoint presentation