Sales Presentations

A compelling way to sell to humans


Whether you represent a large enterprise or small business, you’ve probably been guilty of presenting an overly complex, IQ-based product- or service-focused PowerPoint® deck that confused your target audience.


The audience

is the most overlooked element of presenting, bar none.

If their brains don’t receive enough relevance about them from your presentation, the ‘whatever’ that’s grabbing their attention is not you.


Create a roadmap of your audience, starting with a narrative that gives them a personal stake

A persuasive narrative leads to more

positive outcomes.

We’re going to structure your story to gain the full and rapt attention of your audience. Persuasion works best when uniting an idea with EQ.

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With only one opportunity WHY LEAVE IT TO CHANCE?

30 %

of audiences state that story is what holds their attention in a presentation.

1 %
Yet only 17% of presenters tell a story.

Which side of the coin will you fall on? Without a storyline to emphasize the struggle between expectations and reality, your pitch becomes boring and banal.


The definition of story, from a client.


Some of the talent who worked on this project.

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Be bold enough to look ‘Death by PowerPoint’ straight in the eye.
Be bold enough to look ‘Death by PowerPoint’ straight in the eye.
We’ll teach your team a biological framework for successful presentations
We’ll find your compelling story
We’ll find your compelling story

Go ahead. Call. Email. Skywrite.

But reach out, we love to help.

Our work has helped executives leaders on six of the seven continents. (We’re still holding out for Antarctica.)