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Season 2 - Episode 13 - Brandel Chamblee
For you golf fans...it’s Masters Week! If you watch golf and know golf, you know of Brandel Chamblee.  But not like this. Polished, popular, and, without question, polarizing.  And among golf’s top analysts, his personal drive to be the best is unrivaled. hear his story of how he climbed the ranks in golf, television, and what’s next. 


Kraig Kann

Network broadcaster


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Stephanie Abrams

Television meteorologist
The Weather Channel

Mark King

Taco Bell

Mike Tirico


Dan Mullen

Collegiate football coach
University of Florida

Molly Fletcher

Former sports agent
Known as “the female Jerry Maguire”

John Feinstein

Award Winning Sportswriter
Best Selling Author

Gina Lehe

Director of Brand & Strategy

Pat McGann


Ken Casey

Founder & Lead Singer
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