Veterinary Diagnostics

use study

Internal organization communication is just as mission-critical as external messaging. Often heavier word count is required, but this strategy document for IDEXX required a talent in hierarchal copy structure to maximize the effectiveness of custom visuals.
Listed on NASDAQ since 1991 and a member of the S&P 500, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. (IDXX) is the global leader in veterinary diagnostics, software, and water microbiology testing.
client quote
"I’ve circulated this deck and everyone is over the moon with the product.  No changes. Thanks!"
Jill Surette
Project Coordinator
Commercial Learning & Development

before & after

idexx_before_1 idexx_after_1
idexx_before_2 idexx_after_2
idexx_before_3 idexx_after_3
idexx_before_4 idexx_after_4
idexx_before_5 idexx_after_5
idexx_before_6 idexx_after_6
idexx_before_7 idexx_after_7
idexx_before_8 idexx_after_8

the results

18 slides with categorized and hierarchical structure for copy, combined with brand and theme.

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