Bringing Virtual Reality to Online Shopping

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Capital raise or strategic partnership: Post Series A opportunity.

InContext is a leader and pioneer in building virtual shopping environments, allowing teams to dream up ideas, make decisions and roll out activations quickly and at lower costs. With this technology a retail category manager can simulate merchandising scenarios with incredible accuracy, faster test times and fewer dollars invested.

InContext came to Presentation Partners after a successful round of Series A funding. This led to a business-model pivot which changed the narrative around revenue-growth metrics.

Distance not only gives nostalgia, but perspective, and maybe objectivity.
-Robert Morgan
There are many who claim to be able to write a story. What we had to execute for InContext—and for every client—is offer enough disciplined expertise to strategically frame the right story.
It helps to have an investor on our team
Our investor wanted this title slide to strategically define this specialized tech offering & situation in ten words or less (gulp).
The Premise
As a late-stage startup that's already been through several rounds of funding, the strategy must focus on what was achieved with the prior funding round. We asked the question:
“What was your evidence of greatness in this period?”
and boiled it down to ...
less than
Sit up and pay attention
Storytellers have this knack: How to grab the attention of a specific audience and pull them further into the storyline.

While an investor might be aware of this acquisition, we were able
with "Shots Fired, 2017" we were able to pull the audience in and offer a categorical insight to put the industry situation into a clear position.
Sit up and pay attention
Visual Message Hierarchy
More than just typing a message, we consider the 8-second rule for the audience to grasp a high-level concept and quickly move onto the next slide.

Font size, color and position of copy all play an important role in allowing the reader to quickly engage.
Visual Message Hierarchy
Bringing EQ & IQ into "The Pivot"
The client’s business model pivot was certain to raise a few investor eyebrows. It had to be explained in a succinct, EQ-based, memorable way. “An unfolding drama of growth, in three acts.” Then the following IQ-based statements had to validate the strategy and that this company was not re-inventing the wheel with the pivot model.
Bringing EQ & IQ into "The Pivot"
Give Data a Soul
Metrics can be complicated. Here we needed to illustrate that, over a three-year period, the effects of the business-model pivot, the trending nature, and the cash flow improvements, as well as the continued ascension of recognized onboarded clients... all in one visual.
Give Data a Soul
Getting the foot in the door
Depending on the strength of your network, you may need an introductory piece to get you in front of the class of investors you're seeking. That's why we offer a two-page 'teaser' document that succinctly defines your situation.

Understanding sophisticated investors and what they seek for information, as well as establishing content in their terms, is crucial.
Two-Page Opportunity Teasers
Client Quote
"Their attention to detail and unique storytelling has enabled us to open doors with investors that would have otherwise been unattainable. As we are in the final stages of closing our round, it is with pleasure I give Presentation Partners my highest recommendation."
Jonathan Donath
Chief Financial Officer & CPA,
InContext Solutions

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