Prior Authorization in the world of FERTILITY

use study

Adam Hait, industry expert and CEO of Schrafts 2.0, needed a bold, pull-no-punches, short story…

A multi-decade successful entrepreneur, primarily in the fertility space, challenged us with a need for strong messaging for his newest entrepreneurial endeavor. We started with no existing presentation and a hard deadline in only five days.

This short storyline follows the time-tested principles of The Neuroscience of Persuasion®, which makes for a natural dialog—keeping the presenter on track—to engage the few audience members.

6 slide challenge
from scratch.
Delivered in
just 5 days
client quote
“I’ve worked with Presentation Partners for years. I know they’ll grasp my complex situation and get my story across the finish line looking great.”
Adam Hait
CEO, Schraft's 2.0

the results

Six slides with a sequential story to align with the audience and lead them with bread crumbs to a nearly self-realized value proposition.

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