Understanding mental health & mental illness.

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Teen Mental Health.org sought out Presentation Partners for a rebirth of their long and lifeless deck.

Teen Mental Health offers a high-school curriculum guide that provides an evidence-based, online modular resource proven to increase the understanding of mental health and mental disorders, decrease the stigma of mental illness and enhance efficacy among both students and teachers in seeking help.

112 Slide Challenge
Transformation of a visually boring, “vanilla” deck
into an engaging creation
that the audience could neither resist nor ignore.
client quote
“Presentation Partners had a process that was transparent and put my mind at ease while they took my 116 slides from boring to beautiful within one week.”
Deborah Binion
Executive Director & Co-Founder

before & after

teen_mental_health_before_1 teen_mental_health_after_1
teen_mental_health_before_2 teen_mental_health_after_2
teen_mental_health_before_3 teen_mental_health_after_3
teen_mental_health_before_4 teen_mental_health_after_4
teen_mental_health_before_5 teen_mental_health_after_5
teen_mental_health_before_6 teen_mental_health_after_6

the results

116 Slides delivered through a transparent process, applying creative CPR to their lifeless deck, in 1 week.

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