The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

-Steve Jobs

Canton, Ohio and Cooperstown, New York is where the journey ends for the greatest of their sports. Our greatest presentation slides take on a life of their own too.

For the select few slides that rise above the rest, they enter the Presentation Partners Wall of Fame. Gaining admission as a hall of fame member takes a lot more than what's on the surface.

So look closely at our examples, they're more than pretty pictures. You may not be privy to seeing the entire presentation deck, but you can tell our careful and creatively written words are part of a story. After all, we're storytellers who are in love with our work.

01 WallofFame_Bamos funny face
01 WallofFame_Gallany Founders suitcase
01 WallofFame_Internet Beauty Solutions hair spray
01 WallofFame_Second Genome money
01 WallofFame_Smith Micro_NetWise Captivate flexible phone
02 WallofFame_Amerix Nourish chart
02 WallofFame_Omega London runway
02 WallofFame_Quest Diagnostics brocoli ice cream
02 WallofFame_Thriller City Paintball
02 WallofFame_WMGI Investor Presentation_Entire Deck_Revisions_12-28-17
03 WallofFame_Fiserv_Billing and Payment Utilities_30 seconds black and white slide
03 WallofFame_GlobalIcons_skateboard kids
03 WallofFame_Veru Chocolate
03 WallofFame_Veru violet crystal shades
03 WallofFame_WMGI XInvestor Presentation_Entire Deck_Revisions_12-28-17

THE NEUROSCIENCE OF PERSUASION® is an easy-to-read informative white paper that explains how persuasions work best in the world of business presentations. The basis is a biological framework that as presenters, we either choose to ignore or can capitalize on through the art of storytelling.

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Winner: 2017 Marcom Platinum Award Storytelling in a Presentation
Winner: 2016 Marcom Platinum Award for Narrative & Visuals, Live Stage Keynote
Winner: 2016 Marcom Platinum Hermes Creative Awards, whitepaper on storytelling
Winner: 2016 Gold Hermes Create Awards, too few stories, PowerPoint
Winner: 2015 Marcom Gold Award for strategic sales PowerPoint presentation